Mission Statement

The mission of the Coachella Valley Collaborative is to provide a meaningful forum for individuals, agencies, and organizations to improve the health and well being of residents of eastern Riverside County, California.

The Coachella Valley Health Collaborative serves the multiple and diverse communities of the Coachella Valley through education and public advocacy and by acting as a catalyst to improve the health status of all residents and their accessibility to quality, state-of-the art healthcare. A major goal is to improve health by increasing community collaboration and decreasing duplication and fragmentation of services.

The Coachella Valley Health Collaborative is supported by grants from Desert Healthcare District, Desert Oasis Healthcare, Regional Access Project Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Desert Regional Medical Center, Eisenhower Medical Center and John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital. The Palm Desert Campus of California State University, San Bernardino provides professional oversight, financial services, office space and other services.

The vision: Residents of the Eastern Riverside County will enjoy optimal health.

The purpose:

  • To encourage a regional focus for addressing health related problems in the community defined as eastern Riverside County
  • To promote an intergenerational process in the nature of solutions created
  • To focus collaborative efforts on solving critical
    health issues with increased access
  • To focus attention and solutions on increasing the
    health services infrastructure of the community (increased capacity)
  • To provide a platform/framework for bringing together
    local community based groups, government agencies, service providers and interested community

The goals:
Addressing a system of unmet health needs:

  • Intergenerational health
  • Creating a healthy environment
  • Population health
  • Community health
  • Focus on target issues such as childhood obesity/sustainability

For more information, contact Gary Jeandron, Project Director, at (760) 341-2883, x78163 or CVHC@CSUSB.EDU.